Ashforth's Angles: Time to dig into the postbag again

Andrew Thornton

Andrew Thornton: rides Jarlath today but will he make it to 1,000?

  PICTURE: Martin Lynch  

 By David Ashforth 6:00PM 5 SEP 2016 

Thank you for your contributions . . .

Dear Sir
All this fuss about Silvestre de Sousa and Jim Crowley. I rode against Lester Piggott and neither of them are fit to lick his boots. Anyway, he’d have charged them to do it.
Yours in disgust, Scobie Breasley (deceased).  

Dear Sir
I think Andrew Thornton’s got a decent chance of riding his 997th winner on Jarlath (Worcester 2.40). Do you think he’ll ever get to 1,000?
Dear Methuselah

As you know yourself, having died when 969, the last bit is hard. Life expectancy could become an issue. We can only hope.

Dear Sir
Ryan Moore! I was fortunate enough to ride against Sir Gordon Richards in his prime. Moore isn’t fit to lick his boots. Not that Sir Gordon would let Moore lick them. His boots were immaculate. Licking them would have been sacrilege.
Yours in dismay, Harry Wragg (deceased)  

Dear Sir
That Gordon Elliott. He’s a one, isn’t he? (Perth 5.10, 5.40, 6.10, 6.40 (2), 7.10, 7.40). Without him the fields at Perth would be tiny, wouldn’t they?
Dear Mr Elliott

Yes. Yes.

Dear Sir
Jim Crowley! I rode against Fred Archer and, if you had, you wouldn’t have mentioned Crowley in the same breath. He’s not fit to lick Archer’s boots.
Yours, appalled, George Fordham (deceased)
PS Archer would have been a better jump jockey, too, if he’d wanted to be.  

Dear Sir
That P J McDonald. Why can’t he have a first name, like everyone else?
Dear A P McCoy

I don’t know.

Dear Sir
Do you think that Monjeni (Redcar 4.50) will ever win a race? I’ve backed him every time he’s run and I’d hate to miss him when he does win.
Dear Mr B. Rupt

Sadly, Monjeni doesn’t seem to want to win as much as you want him to. Have you considered laying him, instead?  

Dear Sir
Bet you don’t know who Farkle Minkus is? (Redcar 2.50)
Dear Lucas Friar

Yes I do. Farkle Minkus is Isadora Smackle’s girlfriend in Girl Meets World. You’d think he’d run faster as he got older but he seems to be running slower.  

Dear Sir
I’ve just noticed that in the novice chase at Worcester (2.10) Finch Flyer is 88lb ‘wrong’ with Stephanie Frances. Is it a record?
Dear Mrs May

Thank you for sparing the time from your busy schedule. I had been told that you had a great eye for detail! I will have to ask an expert. Meanwhile, please give my regards to Xi Jinping. Haoyun!

Dear Sir
If you don’t tip winners, what’s the point?
Dear Fusspot

It’s a pity you haven’t got the decency to keep your thoughts to yourself. Also, the suggestion you make is physically impossible. Anyway, you don’t have to read the thing.

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