ATR secures extension to rights for Irish racing

Cappella Sansevero and Andrea Atzeni winning the Nestle Supporting Irish Autism Action Round Tower Stakes The Curragh Photo: Patrick McCann 31.08.2014

The Curragh (above) is among Ireland’s 26 courses included in the deal

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 By Tony O’Hehir 4:06PM 12 AUG 2016 

AT THE RACES has secured exclusive direct-to-home broadcast rights for Irish racing until 2019 after an agreement was signed with rights holder SIS which will extend ATR’s non-terrestrial coverage from all of Ireland’s 26 racecourses for another two years.

ATR has been the exclusive non-terrestrial TV broadcast partner to Irish racing since the channel was launched in 2004.

Under the terms of the new agreement with SIS, ATR will continue to manage and distribute live online streaming of Irish racing to remote gambling operations throughout the world and will retain its exclusive rights, under separate licence from SIS, to exploit Irish racing in international betting outlets.

The new agreement between SIS and ATR has been ratified and endorsed by Horse Racing Ireland and the Association of Irish Racecourses.

Fully endorsed

Speaking yesterday HRI chief executive Brian Kavanagh said: “We are very pleased that ATR and SIS have reached agreement for a new term. It was always our preferred outcome that Irish racing should continue to enjoy the many benefits that coverage on ATR brings and we value ATR’s support immensely.”

Similar sentiments were expressed by Paddy Walsh, CEO of the Association of Irish Racecourses, who said: “ATR has done a great job for Irish racing and Irish racecourses over the years and there was unanimity amongst our members that this agreement with SIS, which secures coverage of Irish racing for another two years, should be fully endorsed.”

ATR’s chief executive, Matthew Imi, commented: “Irish racing has always been a cornerstone of our output and this agreement extends what is a very valued and long-standing relationship not only with 
SIS but with HRI, AIR and each Irish racecourse.”

Looking further ahead Gary Smith, CEO of SIS, said: “SIS has had a long and fruitful partnership with ATR and with the stakeholders involved in Ireland and we’re looking forward to that continuing for many years to come.”

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