BHA expected larger bids for auctioned silks

Five of the sets of silks were sold, while the horseshoe design was unsold


 By David Baxter 5:30PM 24 SEP 2016 

SIX sets of eyecatching silks put up for auction by the BHA did not spark the interest hoped with only five snapped up.

The jazzy designs included flames and multicoloured spots and ran for 12 days. But one, purple with a silver horseshoe, did not meet the reserve.

Jockeys can look forward to being pretty in pink, however, as the checked pink, cerise, maroon and red silks proved the most popular, selling for £6,100. The auction raised £28,000, with five per cent of the proceeds split between the Racing Welfare and Retraining of Racehorses charities.

The auction was part of the BHA’s focus on improving the ownership experience, and media manager Robin Mounsey said: “We’re pleased that five of the sets of silks were sold. The reserve price of £5,000 is a pretty significant sum to pay for racing colours and to sell four of the six sets at above this price is a decent start. However, at the same time we were hopeful that some of the silks might generate larger bids.

“We now just need to see what we can learn from this exercise, which was very much a trial. We need to see if we communicated the auction in the right way and to the right people, we need to ask whether the designs were right, whether the online bidding process is the most effective and also whether there is an appetite for this kind of thing.

“Ownership is a big focus for us and we’ll be announcing more about this in the near future, in particular regarding work around simplifying the administrative process around becoming an owner, which has been a priority.”

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