Gambling adverts could be banned during daytime

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Ladbrokes are one of the many bookmakers that advertise on TV

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 By David Baxter 7:36AM 7 OCT 2016 

BOOKMAKERS could be banned  from advertising on TV during the day in moves which would send shockwaves through the betting industry and have major implications for terrestrial coverage of racing.

An upcoming government review into gaming machines is expected to be expanded to cover gambling adverts on TV, and if a crackdown is enforced it would cost the sector, and broadcasters, millions.

The Times reports that the Department of Media, Culture and Sport is concerned by the proliferation of gambling adverts, and that children are being exposed to the concept too much.

A source said: “As it stands, betting sites can basically be advertising to children all weekend.”

Under current rules, bookmakers can advertise before the 9pm watershed providing it is for bingo, or during breaks during live TV events.

Racing primarily takes place in the afternoon, and live coverage of football matches can run from noon to early evening, giving bookmakers a huge platform with which to advertise.

Any proposal to reduce or restrict gambling adverts is likely to be met with firm opposition by bookmakers and TV companies.

ITV is becoming racing’s new terrestrial broadcaster in 2017, and should changes be implemented the value of these rights would fall dramatically.

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