Prescott pleased with enigmatic Pallasator after Cup second

Pallasator finished 2nd

Pallasator (far right) is quietly accumulating a significant fan club

  PICTURE: Getty Images  

 By Graham Dench 7:45PM 28 JUL 2016 

IT WAS only right that Big Orange received the lion’s share of the plaudits in the Qatar Goodwood Cup, but enigmatic second Pallasator is also quietly accumulating a significant fan club.

As ever, Sir Mark Prescott put it perfectly when he said: “He’s been so horrible for so long that, rather like McEnroe, everybody now likes him.”

Prescott has a plan for every race, from the humblest Class 6 to a Group 2 like this, but extra planning is required wherever the giant Pallasator runs.

That the plan did not quite come off was not Prescott’s fault, or that of jockey Oisin Murphy.

Prescott said: “I thoroughly enjoyed watching as we had this convoluted plan and it worked absolutely perfectly. I’m lucky to have a jockey to carry it out perfectly. It’s just a shame that beastly thing kept going so well in front!”

He added: “Pallasator is an exam question. There are all these things you have to get right, and Rosie [Jessop, who led him up] deserves all the credit as she rides him all the time and is the only person apart from Mrs Gregson [a former owner] who likes him.

“He’s very like those kids when you are young who chuck their weight around in the pub, and then someone stands up to them and they say ‘I’m terribly sorry, I’m in the wrong pub.’

“You never quite work him out as he keeps changing, and adding little things in.”

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