Stolen gun of ex jockey used to kill Jo Cox

Jo Cox

Jo Cox: MP was murdered in June last year


 By Stuart Riley 12:53PM 8 JAN 2017 

THE gun used by Thomas Mair to kill MP Jo Cox had been stolen from a former jockey.

Zack Gaughan, who had eight rides for Sue Smith between January 2011 and February 2014 but never rode a winner, had a licence for the .22 Weihrauch rimfire rifle.

The gun was stolen from his car in August 2015, resulting in the loss of his gun licence and business, and The Sun reports the 24-year-old has been struggling to come to terms with his gun’s role in Cox’s murder since he learned of its involvement last June.

“I was devastated. The police rang me a day after Jo Cox was murdered and said they had found my rifle and asked me to describe it. They said it had been sawn-off.”

Gaughan added: “I was beside myself. To see Jo Cox’s kids will grow up without a mum is heartbreaking.

“When police rang they said the gun had been used in an incident but didn’t say anything more,” Gaughan told The Sun. “When I turned on the news I knew it was my gun. I felt guilty and responsible. To know my gun was used to kill someone makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.”

Cox’s killer Mair was given a whole-life sentence at the Old Bailey in November.

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